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Xpino Systems Solutions has three main VTU packages, viz: XpinoMoney, kingsvtu.com and SBR.

SBR is managed from our office. Its basic packages are PayTv subs, bulk airtime and data sales.

Advantages of using SBR

  1. It is fast, delivery of orders are almost immediately after sending.
  2. Cheaper items during periodic promo.
  3. Faster resolution of issues when challenges come up.
  4. You can place orders via sms.

Note that SBR will not process your order unless payment is confirmed

Payment for orders are made tru SBR special offline wallet or to the SBR designated account number.

Orders are mainly via WhatsApp chat. WE DO NOT DO CALLS

Contact Xpino’s SBR tru http://bit.ly/XpinosSBR

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About #SBR

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