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Important Facts you should know about Glo Data

The capped Glo data volume you see on their official website and on all portals are shared between day time and night usage. It’s good to get this right. On many occasions, vendors have asked why a client got 3.5gig instead of the stated 4.1gig. It becomes dramatic when we explain that the 4.1g (for example is shared between day and night.

You can avoid such drama with your clients by being updated. Please see a comprehensive breakdown of the glo data sizes below:


₦50/1 DAY



₦100/1 DAY



₦200/2 DAYS

240MB + 110MB* = 350MB


₦500/14 DAYS

800MB + 550MB* = 1.35GB



₦1000/30 DAYS

1.9GB + 1GB* = 2.9GB


₦1,500/30 DAYS

3.5GB + 600MB* = 4.1GB


₦2,000/30 DAYS

5.2GB + 600MB* = 5.8GB


₦2,500/30 DAYS

6.8GB + 900MB* = 7.7GB


₦3,000/30 DAYS

9GB + 1GB* = 10GB


₦4,000/30 DAYS

12.25GB + 1GB* = 13.25GB


₦5,000/30 DAYS

17GB + 1.25GB* = 18.25GB

₦8,000/30 DAYS

27.5GB + 2GB* = 29.5GB


₦10,000/30 DAYS

46GB + 4GB* = 50GB


₦15,000/30 DAYS

86GB + 7GB* = 93GB


₦18,000/30 DAYS

109GB + 10GB* = 119GB


₦20,000/30 DAYS

126GB + 12GB* = 138GB

Note that all the data sizes with the ‘*’ sign are bonus for night browsing.

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Important Facts you should know about Glo Data

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